India: What are things that make Indians sad?

This incident is of my college . I waited 1.5 hours for Rs .2000 .

Yesterday I was Standing in the queue , so that I can withdraw some money from ATM. Due to new 500 and 2000 notes issue , there was a long queue and I was waiting for about 1.5 hours so that I can recharge my mobile and buy some other stuffs as I was left with no money. That very moment I have seen people passing their cards to other and telling them to withdraw their money .As the ATM is inside the college campus so most of the people know each other. Each person standing in the queue was having 4 extra cards and due to this the people at the back were getting late. There were other people who were allowing their friends to enter in the middle of the queue .I have seen many of them waited for just 10 minutes and got the money due to the efforts of their friends while I was waiting patiently for 1.5 hours for my turn .These are the same people who talk about morality and equality.

Three things I would like to point –

  1. People talk about morality and equality in the society . Now few people will tell me that it is a small thing but what about people who are standing at the back. People talk about changing the system , by doing these small things you are somewhere against the change.
  2. Girls standing outside the queue , they just came and passed over their ATMs to their male friends . So I am asking then why they talk about equality .You are strong enough to stand in the queue to withdraw money from the ATM. Why taking benefits of being a girl .
  3. Please respect queue . Be it Ticket counter, Banks ,ATMs anything.

P.s. -No offence to anyone but try to understand these small things .

It is not the condition of my college or any IIT ,if you go anywhere you will face the same thing.

Source- Google images.

Edit 1– one guy in comment section is telling that why didn’t I act.

Sorry but if you don’t know then please don’t assume anything. I shouted and tried to stop others and my friends even but you know majority wins as it is a democracy , I refused to do favor to my friends even and they left the place with some abusive words.


Winter Rain in Kolkata

Its best days of Kolkata. Rain has been setting in for last 3 days , not much crowd on the road , chay pakoda mausam , .. Its harbinger of Cold in Kolkata city. Evening we are delighted to have tea cups in our hands, people are not talking in louder voice, everybody is now in a hurry to reach their home early. We are getting good sleeps in the night and we do not like to wake up early. Even if we may get a chance to take a nap in the afternoon, I think nobody would hesitate or lose this welcome opportunity. After a lot of years, the winter is setting in such a manner. Even in afternoon we get a feeling of evening.

Come Kolkata and feel winter !!

Ae Dil Hai Muskil – Wastage of Time

Ae dil Hai Muskil is a wastage of time. Newspapers awarded 4 star… don’t know what’s the reason. The dialogues and story are not good. Aiswariya Rai is showing age , heavy make up could not hide her age. Anushka Sharma is being used by directors / producers for bold scenes and is now fully fit to expose on a Hollywood Platform. Pity on Ranveer Kapoor as he is getting similar roles time and again .. Rockstar, Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani… , Tamasha. The story line is similar to movies made by Imtiaz Ali , don’t know how Karan Johar was impressed on such senseless dialogues and story. I think media is showing false results that movie is doing good. I saw that many people left out of halls without watching the full movie although they paid INR 240 for the show.

God bless Karan Johar… may he get a good script next time.