Winter Rain in Kolkata

Its best days of Kolkata. Rain has been setting in for last 3 days , not much crowd on the road , chay pakoda mausam , .. Its harbinger of Cold in Kolkata city. Evening we are delighted to have tea cups in our hands, people are not talking in louder voice, everybody is now in a hurry to reach their home early. We are getting good sleeps in the night and we do not like to wake up early. Even if we may get a chance to take a nap in the afternoon, I think nobody would hesitate or lose this welcome opportunity. After a lot of years, the winter is setting in such a manner. Even in afternoon we get a feeling of evening.

Come Kolkata and feel winter !!


Kapil Sharma Show on Sony

Kapil Sharma’s show on Sony with Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra , Samita Shetty and other regular members was mind blowing. Could not stop laughing .. after a number of days I laughed so much. Such a nice evening I had today .. Thanks …

Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan

Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan , Dhaka is one of the best properties in Hotel Industries. I enjoyed a few days of my summer in the hotel. Staffs are polite and furniture is maintained in good condition, Rooms are big and food qu20160616_081814ality is also good. I also stayed a few days of the summer in 2015 , there is no change in the quality and no major change in hotel staffs were noticed. Pleasant atmosphere in the hotel attract their customers again and again. Sauna Bath, Steam Jim and Swimming pools, bar , Coffee shop etc. make the hotel a better place. All the five star facilities are available in the hotel.

As a surprise, they celebrated my birthday, cut the cake in the morning and staffs including doorkeepers wished me birthday. Returning to hotel in the night also surprised me that my room was decorated with balloons , flower bouquet and chocolates.

Once a customer arrives , they will come again and again on account of their services and their attention to their customers.




“Good Morning”

Conduct a survey everybody will say – Morning is the best time of the day. Mornings are refreshing and people are closer to god, closer their good thoughts and we feel that we can do a lot of things. Hearts are free from flaws , bad things , free from bad ideas and free from evil thoughts. At that time if somebody wishes you ” Good Morning” , whether our lips or tongue do not come in to motion but our heart says , truly ” Goood Morning ” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 This sharing of wishes keeps your life alive and people love people. So never forget to say good morning if you get a chance , do not miss it . And if you cannot say then use pictures to say good morning and send through mobile apps like We chat , Facebook , Whatsapp , BBM ,etc etc etc…