Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan

Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan , Dhaka is one of the best properties in Hotel Industries. I enjoyed a few days of my summer in the hotel. Staffs are polite and furniture is maintained in good condition, Rooms are big and food qu20160616_081814ality is also good. I also stayed a few days of the summer in 2015 , there is no change in the quality and no major change in hotel staffs were noticed. Pleasant atmosphere in the hotel attract their customers again and again. Sauna Bath, Steam Jim and Swimming pools, bar , Coffee shop etc. make the hotel a better place. All the five star facilities are available in the hotel.

As a surprise, they celebrated my birthday, cut the cake in the morning and staffs including doorkeepers wished me birthday. Returning to hotel in the night also surprised me that my room was decorated with balloons , flower bouquet and chocolates.

Once a customer arrives , they will come again and again on account of their services and their attention to their customers.





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