Supreme Court’s Punch on Blackmoney

It was not expected from BJP to commit such foolish mistake by submitting black money account holders in swiss banks in instalments. How could honourable finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley think that he could submit account holders list as per his sweet will. We could understand the logic of giving names off late  but  Its hard to understand the reason giving three names only.

There could be cent percent honesty in giving names in instalments but it was beyond wisdom. If you give a piece of chocolate from the box to a child , he will ask for the entire box .We can tell any story to that child to save our choclates for a future date. But the same story you cannot tell to the highest legal forum of the biggest democracy and it is not the child. Supreme court possess maximum power to ask for anything, so how could Indian government commit such mistake and gave an opportunity to supreme court and congressmen to suspect on the integrity of Indian government.

In coming days we can understand the strategy of the central government to deal with the black money and black money account holders. Tomorrow , ministry has to file an affidavit and give all the names.