Sachin Tendulkar – Not in a mood to retire

Whether we accept or not , we like to see the long career of Sachin Tendulkar. It’s always good to see him on the crease. He has been facing criticism through media since couple of years for his retirement and paving the way for youngsters. The adverse comments compelled  Laxman and Dravid to retire although they did not want to. It is a human tendency that nobody wants to leave his place unless somebody presses him from his back.  We studied one essay in Hindi ( Lalit Nibandh) in our class 12 – Shirish Ke phool ( Flowers of Shirish) witten by Hazari Prasad Dwivedi. One of the lines that I still remember from that essay is -” Jab Taq unhe koi piche se aakar dhakka dekar gira nahi dete , tab taq jame rahenge….”( The flower does not leave the bunch unless the new flower throws it out).  The motto of Hazari Prasad Dwivedi was to attack on politicians who never wants to leave their chairs unless somebody powerful replace them.   Even in Godfather Part III , Michael Corleone praised the attack of Joe Sazza by saying ” New Overthrows old , I respect whatever he has done”.

Our prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Sachin are facing the same situation , everybody asks for their retirement however they dont want to . They are still the full bloomed flowers of Shirish. One thing is common between them , both are the members of Congress party and their original profession was never politics.

We have to wait for some more days for a fabulous bid adieu of Sachin !!


LEONARDO OLIVE OIL & JALEBI — will the combination work ?

OliveoilOn Sunday 26 August 2012, I saw an advertisement in The Hindu — “Leonardo Olive Oil”.

Olive Oil is basically costly oil and beyond the reach of middle class and lower class people. Still people of India uses it for the massage of their infants or for very limited purposes , but they do not consume for food preparation. Olive oil is advertised as a healthy oil, now a days people who has an indication of heart disease , starts to use it.

Brand Leonardo Olive Oil , in India , is in the hands of Dalmia group of New Delhi. Their advertising consultant has applied the trick to link it with our traditional food items and they picked Jalebi. Jalebi is normally made in Ghee or in Vanaspati ( like Dalda , Prasad , Kusum etc.). So the advertisement may be an consumer awareness drive that all the rich people , lovers of Jalebi who do not eat due to health reasons , may start to eat Jalebi made in Olive Oil. Also ,the advertisement is ensuring that Jalebis will be tasteful..

Now the truth will be revealed only if we eat and taste ….

Sherlyn Chopra — A new follower of Sunny Leone

Everybody wants to be famous. Sherlyn Chopra always wanted to be a famous …. she was not finding a shortcut but suddenly with the grace of god, she got the company of Sunny Leone. She never dared to be bare , but Sunny Leone’s popularity make her blind. She came into limelight overnight by showing her private parts through a magazine.Now it may pave the way for some new entrants …. Poonam Pandey must closely be looking at the popularity index of Sunny and Sherlyn. But Sunny , not only shows her private parts but she is a big porn star , hence she will always be in the news . What will Sherlyn do after seeing the decline of her popluarity index …. ? She has affected Indian girls’ wishes a lot by creating a new benchmark of popularities…thanks to Bipasha who refused to meet Sunny ….they are the heroines of Jism part 1 and 2. Why did Bipasha refuse to meet Sunny ? Sunny is a porn star or she took over the seat of Bipasha in part 2 of Jism…think

Useless thinkinings – 1

  • Just a few days back , Mr. Rajiv Shukla , Parliamentary affairs minister was caught in the camera directing the vice chair person of Rajyasabha to adjourn the house for a day. It was a clear direction not advice – defying the wisdom of all journalists , politicians and educated people … he said that he did nothing  wrong it was an advice not direction. Are we all f ools ? He was a professional journalist now a politician and minister. He is the successor of Lalit Modi in IPL , also connected with BCCI. Certainly he must be good in Cricket … or… ? Writing against V P Singh in a magazine brought closeness to Gandhi family. V P Singh in those days was against Rajiv Gandhi , he took a risk to write about a few pages of the history of V P Singh.  Also, he shown his integrity towards congress by putting a question over question of his own bro in law Ravishankar Prasad … that what did BJP to curb corruption. Risk has gained ….. Those who wants to be successful ………….should they follow Mr. Shukla’s way?
  • Ajit Singh is now a days happy man. He has got the maximum praise during his times as an aviation minister. Before that , Ajit Singh at national level was known as the son of Choudhary Charan Singh and secondly to change political parties. Media is kind on him for his decisions on Air India.

Tasty Jalebies of India

Jalebi ………. if it is fresh …..its better than any other sweets items. Jalebi is always circular , I have never seen triangular or spherical… however its a special circular, Big rounds and small rounds are connected , Jalebi making is an art, first fried and then mixing it into diluted sugar. Jalebi is eaten as it is… it is recommended to eat only hot Jalebies. You can eat it with milk, Rabri , Kheer or with diluted Rabri…….. honestly it is the tastiest… in India Jalebies are favourite. In Chennai .. Kakada , In Mumbai …. MM mithaiwala … and in Kolkata ,,,,,Kaligodam……all are great …Taste of India …

Anmol Lassi @ INR 60 per big glass

There is a Lassiwala i.e Sweet Butter Milk in Chennai Sahukarpet. He was a professional wrestler however now he is a leading lassi seller in chennai. He hails from Pushkar of Rajasthan and sells Lassi in Chennai. His lassi is full of taste and its highly recommended if you visit chennai. The big glass is just a lunch and you can never forget. I drink it every saturday and sunday.He knows his regular customers, mixes tasty malai with the lassi to make it more tasteful. He enjoys both Dog and Cat goodwill……… enjoy Anmol Lassiwale ki Lassi