Calcutta Stock Exchange – On the path of recovery

Glories are always temporary.

Calcutta stock exchange , one of the oldest stock exchanges of India lost its credibility in the last decade. It was a time when economic times used to show quotation of CSE alongwith BSE. Greed and malpractices of a few members caused the defunction of recognised stock exchange.

However, in last five years various steps had been taken to ensure the protection of interest of members. Various IAS officers, reputed persons from Industry and professional bodies were appointed as member of its governing body to pave the recovery path of the exchange. The major change was its demutualisation thanks to BSE a major role player for its recovery.The second important confidence building measure was providing the Bombay Stock Exchange platform to the existing members of Calcutta stock exchange. In 2009, five companies including Maithan Alloys , Gloster Jutemills etc were given BSE platform as their listing documents and compliance were in order over the years. They maintained the respect for their exchange and their old investors.Now there are 130 members who have opted the scheme to use BSE terminals i.e. they may trade in C-Star and BOLT simultaneously. Now the members have facility to trade through NSE terminal and finally the members of CSE ( who have opten for NSE terminals) may provide the services of future and options to their clients.

In last five years many members who were badly suffered from the ineffectiveness of the exchange surrendered their SEBI registration . The completely lost the faith on the working of the exchange , however those who hold perserverence are now getting rewards. Afterall ,they got BSE platform with a least payment of fees. Currently , they may trade in 6123 scrips on CSTAR and thousands of companies on BSE and NSE.

Most of the Indians especially young generations think that there are only two exchanges , NSE and BSE , however CSE is the third major exchange with a  turnover of Rs. 15.05 crores as on 31st Augutst 2012. CSE , whatever be its position, always released the trading summary of top securities. Although , still it has a heap of defunct companies , but the exchange is easily giving opportunities to those companies to delist themselves. Obviously, the bad blood must go out of the exchange.  Now, companies like Infosys, TISCO, RIL, L&Y etc are traded on the platform of CSE.

It has a special tie up with HDFC Bank for the banking transacton of members with many facilities . It has now a separate depository ( DP ) , separate KYC centre, Vodafone special schemes to members which shows that the exchange is active and on the right path. The members may now avail backoffice technical solution through software companies.

It still has a good portfolio of old companies , the investors in them may now get an opportunity to get fair market value of their investments hold for a number of years. The index is around 6000 , lets see where it goes.


India: What are things that make Indians sad?

This incident is of my college . I waited 1.5 hours for Rs .2000 .

Yesterday I was Standing in the queue , so that I can withdraw some money from ATM. Due to new 500 and 2000 notes issue , there was a long queue and I was waiting for about 1.5 hours so that I can recharge my mobile and buy some other stuffs as I was left with no money. That very moment I have seen people passing their cards to other and telling them to withdraw their money .As the ATM is inside the college campus so most of the people know each other. Each person standing in the queue was having 4 extra cards and due to this the people at the back were getting late. There were other people who were allowing their friends to enter in the middle of the queue .I have seen many of them waited for just 10 minutes and got the money due to the efforts of their friends while I was waiting patiently for 1.5 hours for my turn .These are the same people who talk about morality and equality.

Three things I would like to point –

  1. People talk about morality and equality in the society . Now few people will tell me that it is a small thing but what about people who are standing at the back. People talk about changing the system , by doing these small things you are somewhere against the change.
  2. Girls standing outside the queue , they just came and passed over their ATMs to their male friends . So I am asking then why they talk about equality .You are strong enough to stand in the queue to withdraw money from the ATM. Why taking benefits of being a girl .
  3. Please respect queue . Be it Ticket counter, Banks ,ATMs anything.

P.s. -No offence to anyone but try to understand these small things .

It is not the condition of my college or any IIT ,if you go anywhere you will face the same thing.

Source- Google images.

Edit 1– one guy in comment section is telling that why didn’t I act.

Sorry but if you don’t know then please don’t assume anything. I shouted and tried to stop others and my friends even but you know majority wins as it is a democracy , I refused to do favor to my friends even and they left the place with some abusive words.

Winter Rain in Kolkata

Its best days of Kolkata. Rain has been setting in for last 3 days , not much crowd on the road , chay pakoda mausam , .. Its harbinger of Cold in Kolkata city. Evening we are delighted to have tea cups in our hands, people are not talking in louder voice, everybody is now in a hurry to reach their home early. We are getting good sleeps in the night and we do not like to wake up early. Even if we may get a chance to take a nap in the afternoon, I think nobody would hesitate or lose this welcome opportunity. After a lot of years, the winter is setting in such a manner. Even in afternoon we get a feeling of evening.

Come Kolkata and feel winter !!

Ae Dil Hai Muskil – Wastage of Time

Ae dil Hai Muskil is a wastage of time. Newspapers awarded 4 star… don’t know what’s the reason. The dialogues and story are not good. Aiswariya Rai is showing age , heavy make up could not hide her age. Anushka Sharma is being used by directors / producers for bold scenes and is now fully fit to expose on a Hollywood Platform. Pity on Ranveer Kapoor as he is getting similar roles time and again .. Rockstar, Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani… , Tamasha. The story line is similar to movies made by Imtiaz Ali , don’t know how Karan Johar was impressed on such senseless dialogues and story. I think media is showing false results that movie is doing good. I saw that many people left out of halls without watching the full movie although they paid INR 240 for the show.

God bless Karan Johar… may he get a good script next time.

Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan

Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan , Dhaka is one of the best properties in Hotel Industries. I enjoyed a few days of my summer in the hotel. Staffs are polite and furniture is maintained in good condition, Rooms are big and food qu20160616_081814ality is also good. I also stayed a few days of the summer in 2015 , there is no change in the quality and no major change in hotel staffs were noticed. Pleasant atmosphere in the hotel attract their customers again and again. Sauna Bath, Steam Jim and Swimming pools, bar , Coffee shop etc. make the hotel a better place. All the five star facilities are available in the hotel.

As a surprise, they celebrated my birthday, cut the cake in the morning and staffs including doorkeepers wished me birthday. Returning to hotel in the night also surprised me that my room was decorated with balloons , flower bouquet and chocolates.

Once a customer arrives , they will come again and again on account of their services and their attention to their customers.




Patanjali Noodles

Baba Ramdev is perhaps disillusioned and lost his vision. First he became a world class guru in yoga.. no doubt he is perfect , then he commercialised sale of Ayurvedic Medicines and now noodles ??? why ? Surprisingly he himself was promoting the product. He was about to take on Maggi , but he does not know that he is being collided with corporates. Currently the graph of Patanjali is on rise, but he should be aware of internal and external diseconomies of scale. He must be needing a good CEO, CFO and good advisers who believes Baba and Baba believe on them. His enemies are powerful and they have already tried to malign him by spreading the news that his establishment uses bones to produce ayurvedic medicines. A day came when he had to run away from the fear of death. During congress government , his partner Acharya Balkrishna was severely tortured which was a pity.

He should be careful, should concentrate on yoga and sell ayurvedic medicines only. He should not waste energy in producing noodles and other grocery items. It is a compulsion for him to malign existing sellers of products and praise his own which may create more and more enemies. World needs his yoga and ayurvedic medicines and he should concentrate on it.

people may put a direct link between ban on Maggi Noodles and start up of Patanjali Noodles.




Artisan and Artiste : Nice shopping

If you go to Dhaka , just make sure that you must allocate some times for comprehensive shopping at Artisan and Artiste. Artisan sells all the branded clothes at reasonable prices. Now a days most of the brands like B&B, Polo etc are manufacturing in Bangladesh at cheaper rate and export the same to First world countries. Artisan sells the excess quantity of such apparels at lesser cost. Here anybody can purchase items for entire family. One can purchase coats, ladies coat, hot pants, trousers, Shirts, Ladies jacket, Underwear, bras, Panties, Kids wear, winter clothes , T Shirts..etc..

Artiste is a nice place for high quality clothes for men , shoes and perfumes…i.e. all apparels items..

Just visit the shops near Westin Hotel and Banani

Pele in Kolkata

Football fans in Kolkata are delighted to see their old football legend Pele. He is once again in the city. Although he is not in action, his fame has not diminished, the charm to meet Black diamond is still the same as before. If Kolkattans love, they just love… a truly sports loving city. Their love is same for Messi and Maradona…. I am sure the love will be same for Ronaldo, Zidane and Baggio. The heart of people is so big that they don’t want anything from their sports hero, they just want to see them around and be happy.

Pele understands and he will certainly feel the love of city dwellers this time as he came after more than 20 years but his fame has grown only..

Environment Protection – a small commendable step

Subhash Gupta an environmentalist of Kolkata took a gigantic step to appeal at appellate tribunal of environment after finding red flags relating to poisoning of vegetation at some places of VIP Road. We all know road side lake has been protected by state government which is causing vegetation around the lake but as reported in Times of India, there is a possibility that somebody is injecting poison in the roots of such vegetation. The possible reason is , the vegetation is coming in the way of new and old shops of VIP Road. Subhash Gupta tried to submit complain at relevant offices but he was not supported. Some officers do not want to take action as they need to do work. They are remunerated even though they do not take tension to entertain complain. We people atleast should draw attention of TV media to support Mr. Subhash Gupta which may attract government attention. Believe me its a serious issue and if poisoning is not stopped , it may be popular in other areas of Kolkata and India. ….Now Subhash is going to Appelate Tribunal ….please support him