Environment Protection – a small commendable step

Subhash Gupta an environmentalist of Kolkata took a gigantic step to appeal at appellate tribunal of environment after finding red flags relating to poisoning of vegetation at some places of VIP Road. We all know road side lake has been protected by state government which is causing vegetation around the lake but as reported in Times of India, there is a possibility that somebody is injecting poison in the roots of such vegetation. The possible reason is , the vegetation is coming in the way of new and old shops of VIP Road. Subhash Gupta tried to submit complain at relevant offices but he was not supported. Some officers do not want to take action as they need to do work. They are remunerated even though they do not take tension to entertain complain. We people atleast should draw attention of TV media to support Mr. Subhash Gupta which may attract government attention. Believe me its a serious issue and if poisoning is not stopped , it may be popular in other areas of Kolkata and India. ….Now Subhash is going to Appelate Tribunal ….please support him