Patanjali Noodles

Baba Ramdev is perhaps disillusioned and lost his vision. First he became a world class guru in yoga.. no doubt he is perfect , then he commercialised sale of Ayurvedic Medicines and now noodles ??? why ? Surprisingly he himself was promoting the product. He was about to take on Maggi , but he does not know that he is being collided with corporates. Currently the graph of Patanjali is on rise, but he should be aware of internal and external diseconomies of scale. He must be needing a good CEO, CFO and good advisers who believes Baba and Baba believe on them. His enemies are powerful and they have already tried to malign him by spreading the news that his establishment uses bones to produce ayurvedic medicines. A day came when he had to run away from the fear of death. During congress government , his partner Acharya Balkrishna was severely tortured which was a pity.

He should be careful, should concentrate on yoga and sell ayurvedic medicines only. He should not waste energy in producing noodles and other grocery items. It is a compulsion for him to malign existing sellers of products and praise his own which may create more and more enemies. World needs his yoga and ayurvedic medicines and he should concentrate on it.

people may put a direct link between ban on Maggi Noodles and start up of Patanjali Noodles.





“Good Morning”

Conduct a survey everybody will say – Morning is the best time of the day. Mornings are refreshing and people are closer to god, closer their good thoughts and we feel that we can do a lot of things. Hearts are free from flaws , bad things , free from bad ideas and free from evil thoughts. At that time if somebody wishes you ” Good Morning” , whether our lips or tongue do not come in to motion but our heart says , truly ” Goood Morning ” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 This sharing of wishes keeps your life alive and people love people. So never forget to say good morning if you get a chance , do not miss it . And if you cannot say then use pictures to say good morning and send through mobile apps like We chat , Facebook , Whatsapp , BBM ,etc etc etc…


Cow – Serve her

Cow is just like mother. In India, a Cow is worshipped.

  • The milk of Cow is the best milk. It is very useful for Kids , young and elder people. Its easy to digest.Ur
  • The Cow dung is one of the best fertilisers for crops. Don’t waste it
  • Cow dung gas ( Gobar gas ) is not bad for health. Cow dung cakes can be used as alternative fuel to prepare food if your gas is not supplied
  • Urine of a cow is also good for human beings. Its good for digestion, stomach and liver

Save her !! Please don’t eat her !!