“Good Morning”

Conduct a survey everybody will say – Morning is the best time of the day. Mornings are refreshing and people are closer to god, closer their good thoughts and we feel that we can do a lot of things. Hearts are free from flaws , bad things , free from bad ideas and free from evil thoughts. At that time if somebody wishes you ” Good Morning” , whether our lips or tongue do not come in to motion but our heart says , truly ” Goood Morning ” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 This sharing of wishes keeps your life alive and people love people. So never forget to say good morning if you get a chance , do not miss it . And if you cannot say then use pictures to say good morning and send through mobile apps like We chat , Facebook , Whatsapp , BBM ,etc etc etc…



SACRED HEART CHURCH – Chandan Nagar Basilica

Chandan Nagar church is situated in the Hooghly district , West Bengal of India. It was previously a French colony. It is basically a suburban town situated on the bank of river Hooghly and opposite to North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. The town is calm and quiet , very clean. One of the most important tourist attraction of Chandan nagore ( Chandan Nagar ) is ” Chandan Nagar Church ” which is basically ” SACRED HEART CHURCH”. This new year , on first of Jan 2015, our family celebrated in Chandan Nagar. Whole day we enjoyed in Wonderland Park and then we went to see the old famous Chandan Nagar Church. It was built in the 17th century circa 1669 by French near the bank of river Hooghly.In the evening , the church looked amazing, It was first time that our family went to see a church. Please have a look on the photo graphs :

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Girls taking Tea on Calcutta Streets

The number of working women and girls have increased considerably in India in last few years in India. Before 5 years, only a very few ladies, occasionally were found to take sip of tea on Calcutta Streets. But now , frequently one can see more women and girls taking tea on ordinary tea stalls on Kolkata streets. With the increase in size of working class people, modern companies have installed tea or coffee machines, but their tastes are not up to the mark. Not everybody loves to drink coffee or tea from those machines , at least on some fine day , one has to come down to street and get orthodox tea which satisfy the need of people. Women are not exceptions, they also need such tea , afterall they share the burden of work with men who are always visible at tea stalls. This is also a visible social change . Profit is enjoyed by Tea stalls. It is also seen that girls do not come alone , they always come in group, so more revenue is enjoyed by tea stall owners !! good opportunity for Kolkata Tea Stalls


Girls at Arun Tea Stall, Wood Street Kolkata
Girls at Arun Tea Stall, Wood Street Kolkata


PK – The Movie – Some Criticisms

Now a days  everybody is talking about PK – the movie. I am not writing any review on the movie as Internet is flooded with comments and reviews. There are some observations from the movie ( I don’t care if somebody agrees or not ) :

1. The Bhojpuri accent of Aamir Khan was not proper. If an alien is absorbing language from a Bhojpuri whore, the accent must match. But it was quite obvious that Aamir Khan as not practised nicely Bhojpuri in the movie

2. He learnt all knowledge from a prostitute – but he did not know about Condoms. While who knows about Condoms better than a whore

3. The movie was highly inspired from Oh My God – the movie but in the last the movie puts a question mark on the existence of God while Oh My God tried to balance the same. PK critics all the three major religions in India – Hindu , Muslim and Christianism but the main focus to criticise was Hindu Religion. PK could criticise Islam too ….. but Raju Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra knew ….. they cannot release the movie afterwards. But they have taken Hindus as granted so they could dare to criticise Hindus. They knew what happened with Kamal Hassan

4. The theory of “wrong number” do not work. It did not become popular

5. The movie tried to sell itself in Pakistan Market , so it chose Sushant Rajput as the second / side hero. It could be an Indian or from Bangladesh , but now a days our Bollywood people focus more on Pakistan / Dubai / Saudi and other Islamic market. Both the directors and producers should stay for a week with Indian Army Staffs in their Bunkers , I am sure their love for Pakistan will be affected. Unless they enjoy bombshells and more attacks like 26/11 they will continue to sing a song for Pakistan

6. PK is the wastage of talents like Saurabh Shukla and Boman Irani. Hirani and Chopra both over rely on its existing team members

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