Ae Dil Hai Muskil – Wastage of Time

Ae dil Hai Muskil is a wastage of time. Newspapers awarded 4 star… don’t know what’s the reason. The dialogues and story are not good. Aiswariya Rai is showing age , heavy make up could not hide her age. Anushka Sharma is being used by directors / producers for bold scenes and is now fully fit to expose on a Hollywood Platform. Pity on Ranveer Kapoor as he is getting similar roles time and again .. Rockstar, Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani… , Tamasha. The story line is similar to movies made by Imtiaz Ali , don’t know how Karan Johar was impressed on such senseless dialogues and story. I think media is showing false results that movie is doing good. I saw that many people left out of halls without watching the full movie although they paid INR 240 for the show.

God bless Karan Johar… may he get a good script next time.


Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan

Hotel Lakeshore Gulshan , Dhaka is one of the best properties in Hotel Industries. I enjoyed a few days of my summer in the hotel. Staffs are polite and furniture is maintained in good condition, Rooms are big and food qu20160616_081814ality is also good. I also stayed a few days of the summer in 2015 , there is no change in the quality and no major change in hotel staffs were noticed. Pleasant atmosphere in the hotel attract their customers again and again. Sauna Bath, Steam Jim and Swimming pools, bar , Coffee shop etc. make the hotel a better place. All the five star facilities are available in the hotel.

As a surprise, they celebrated my birthday, cut the cake in the morning and staffs including doorkeepers wished me birthday. Returning to hotel in the night also surprised me that my room was decorated with balloons , flower bouquet and chocolates.

Once a customer arrives , they will come again and again on account of their services and their attention to their customers.




Patanjali Noodles

Baba Ramdev is perhaps disillusioned and lost his vision. First he became a world class guru in yoga.. no doubt he is perfect , then he commercialised sale of Ayurvedic Medicines and now noodles ??? why ? Surprisingly he himself was promoting the product. He was about to take on Maggi , but he does not know that he is being collided with corporates. Currently the graph of Patanjali is on rise, but he should be aware of internal and external diseconomies of scale. He must be needing a good CEO, CFO and good advisers who believes Baba and Baba believe on them. His enemies are powerful and they have already tried to malign him by spreading the news that his establishment uses bones to produce ayurvedic medicines. A day came when he had to run away from the fear of death. During congress government , his partner Acharya Balkrishna was severely tortured which was a pity.

He should be careful, should concentrate on yoga and sell ayurvedic medicines only. He should not waste energy in producing noodles and other grocery items. It is a compulsion for him to malign existing sellers of products and praise his own which may create more and more enemies. World needs his yoga and ayurvedic medicines and he should concentrate on it.

people may put a direct link between ban on Maggi Noodles and start up of Patanjali Noodles.




Artisan and Artiste : Nice shopping

If you go to Dhaka , just make sure that you must allocate some times for comprehensive shopping at Artisan and Artiste. Artisan sells all the branded clothes at reasonable prices. Now a days most of the brands like B&B, Polo etc are manufacturing in Bangladesh at cheaper rate and export the same to First world countries. Artisan sells the excess quantity of such apparels at lesser cost. Here anybody can purchase items for entire family. One can purchase coats, ladies coat, hot pants, trousers, Shirts, Ladies jacket, Underwear, bras, Panties, Kids wear, winter clothes , T Shirts..etc..

Artiste is a nice place for high quality clothes for men , shoes and perfumes…i.e. all apparels items..

Just visit the shops near Westin Hotel and Banani

“Good Morning”

Conduct a survey everybody will say – Morning is the best time of the day. Mornings are refreshing and people are closer to god, closer their good thoughts and we feel that we can do a lot of things. Hearts are free from flaws , bad things , free from bad ideas and free from evil thoughts. At that time if somebody wishes you ” Good Morning” , whether our lips or tongue do not come in to motion but our heart says , truly ” Goood Morning ” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 This sharing of wishes keeps your life alive and people love people. So never forget to say good morning if you get a chance , do not miss it . And if you cannot say then use pictures to say good morning and send through mobile apps like We chat , Facebook , Whatsapp , BBM ,etc etc etc…


Girls taking Tea on Calcutta Streets

The number of working women and girls have increased considerably in India in last few years in India. Before 5 years, only a very few ladies, occasionally were found to take sip of tea on Calcutta Streets. But now , frequently one can see more women and girls taking tea on ordinary tea stalls on Kolkata streets. With the increase in size of working class people, modern companies have installed tea or coffee machines, but their tastes are not up to the mark. Not everybody loves to drink coffee or tea from those machines , at least on some fine day , one has to come down to street and get orthodox tea which satisfy the need of people. Women are not exceptions, they also need such tea , afterall they share the burden of work with men who are always visible at tea stalls. This is also a visible social change . Profit is enjoyed by Tea stalls. It is also seen that girls do not come alone , they always come in group, so more revenue is enjoyed by tea stall owners !! good opportunity for Kolkata Tea Stalls

Girls at Arun Tea Stall, Wood Street Kolkata
Girls at Arun Tea Stall, Wood Street Kolkata