Ae Dil Hai Muskil – Wastage of Time

Ae dil Hai Muskil is a wastage of time. Newspapers awarded 4 star… don’t know what’s the reason. The dialogues and story are not good. Aiswariya Rai is showing age , heavy make up could not hide her age. Anushka Sharma is being used by directors / producers for bold scenes and is now fully fit to expose on a Hollywood Platform. Pity on Ranveer Kapoor as he is getting similar roles time and again .. Rockstar, Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani… , Tamasha. The story line is similar to movies made by Imtiaz Ali , don’t know how Karan Johar was impressed on such senseless dialogues and story. I think media is showing false results that movie is doing good. I saw that many people left out of halls without watching the full movie although they paid INR 240 for the show.

God bless Karan Johar… may he get a good script next time.


PK – The Movie – Some Criticisms

Now a days  everybody is talking about PK – the movie. I am not writing any review on the movie as Internet is flooded with comments and reviews. There are some observations from the movie ( I don’t care if somebody agrees or not ) :

1. The Bhojpuri accent of Aamir Khan was not proper. If an alien is absorbing language from a Bhojpuri whore, the accent must match. But it was quite obvious that Aamir Khan as not practised nicely Bhojpuri in the movie

2. He learnt all knowledge from a prostitute – but he did not know about Condoms. While who knows about Condoms better than a whore

3. The movie was highly inspired from Oh My God – the movie but in the last the movie puts a question mark on the existence of God while Oh My God tried to balance the same. PK critics all the three major religions in India – Hindu , Muslim and Christianism but the main focus to criticise was Hindu Religion. PK could criticise Islam too ….. but Raju Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra knew ….. they cannot release the movie afterwards. But they have taken Hindus as granted so they could dare to criticise Hindus. They knew what happened with Kamal Hassan

4. The theory of “wrong number” do not work. It did not become popular

5. The movie tried to sell itself in Pakistan Market , so it chose Sushant Rajput as the second / side hero. It could be an Indian or from Bangladesh , but now a days our Bollywood people focus more on Pakistan / Dubai / Saudi and other Islamic market. Both the directors and producers should stay for a week with Indian Army Staffs in their Bunkers , I am sure their love for Pakistan will be affected. Unless they enjoy bombshells and more attacks like 26/11 they will continue to sing a song for Pakistan

6. PK is the wastage of talents like Saurabh Shukla and Boman Irani. Hirani and Chopra both over rely on its existing team members

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