Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 2012 – Jaa Jaa Jaa

Sentimental Indians is the best money minting machine. Indian channels show dances of tv actors/actresses, make bad jokes and three judges , inspite of their unwillingness, they have to bear all these.  Jhalak Dikhla Jaa is the current example.

The funniest part is the comedian Bharati is linked with the Judge Remo. Producers know we Indians love to see these nonsense linking between a lady and a man. Bharati is filling the vacumm of TUNTUN. How can the multi crores show invest its money on a comedian who did not know how to dance. But they know, dance of a fat lady is itself a fun. Her dance is not the appreciation of an art , however creating money out of a disgraceful fun.  The face of judge Remo clearly shows that he does not want his name to be associated with the fat Lady but he has to bear… afterall he had never seen fame fortune money in the pat. He has to bear , people will clap , laugh … producers will get good audience……….

Karan Johar… how he agreed to be Judge … is a subject of research. He is not short of money. Certainly he may not be enjoying the dance of forced dancers. Those dancers who wants to taste the limelight and money is commented by three Judges. Karan Johar was always behind the camera , he also wants that people should see and praise him. His comments with a smile is coloured with sarcasm. The only best thing for him is the company of Madhuri 🙂

Madhuri …… in India…. is the name of smile , beauty , lust , passion , romance , 🙂 🙂 😉  what is she doing in the company of young funny dancers… money … never… She wants to be back in the lime light. She is one of the most blessed heroines, a true celebrity. After marriage and two sons she still misses the old glory , fame and limelight. Throughout the show if you see her … she keeps her old expressions on her face … the same pattern of smiles which could be seen in SAJAN, Beta, Ram Lakhan , Raja …etc etc. The smile with her old deadly expressions are not necessary during the show but she has to keep , otherwise what is left in our good old Madhuri Dixit. Human beings always try to be famous and they always want to be on headlines. Through , Jhalak Dikhla Jaa her purpose is solved however can she reattract her old / New producers who can produce movie for her again …… Sridevi has got one such fan who has made a movie for her only English Vinglish. Will there be again Sri vs. Madhuri…. ( Old beauties New war)…

Producers know what is sold ….. Good matter for MBA case studies.:0)



Nithalla Chintan – I

  • Govt has cracked down on Social Media not to let spread the fear among North indians — For last one year govt. was trying to issue guidelines to restrict the freedom of social networking sites but could not be successful. Now it has found a good way to put a ban on these sites.
  • Aiswariya Rai looks stunning in Ambani’s party: Most of the photos are with Mr. Khosla. Media is writing the word stunning , the cheeks of Mrs Bacchan is now heavier , the age is now showing its effect. Aiswariya should thank the photographers …
  • BJP’s CM had to leave his chair only for Coal … Now BJP has got chance to blame PM… I am interested to see the end result…
  • Saif and Katrina has just arrived from London after taking break — who accompanied them ???? Is there any need for marraige …?
  • Salman in Roaring Forties — Ek tha Tiger is a hit but it is hitting Shahrukh more. Salman is doing roles as a policemen , bodyguard… Shahrukh has chosen the role of an Army officer. He is eagerly waiting for one hit… just one hit..

Movie on MARY KOM

Today afternoon , I read an interesting news that Sanjay Leela Bhansali,an Indian Movie producer and director , is going to make a movie on Indian lady boxer Mary Kom. People must be thinking that Bhansali has got a ‘FRESH’ idea to produce a movie on a recent medal winner of women boxing in London Olympics 2012. Bhansali is desperately searching a great script to produce as he could not be successfull after the success of Hum Dil De chuke Sanam , Devdas and Black. Bhansali has been looking for a success for quite a long time , hence any new idea must appeal him. Most of the Indians think that Bhansali is inspired by the success of a woman who created history. Bhansali thinks that Indians will bless his new Idea with sentiments , he is all set to encash the win of Mary Kom .But, is the Idea FRESH ???

I shall wait for the movie ( if produced ) and see how much it will be similar to CINDERELLA MAN , a hollywood movie on the life of James Braddock. Cinderella Man was a great work of Ron Howard. Now there is a bench mark for Bhansali , how he makes his movie as per Indian tests. People may find a lot of similarities between Cinderella Man and movie on Marie Kom… Indian directors cannot avoid hollywood even in their dreams.

Russell Crowe and Rennie

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