SACRED HEART CHURCH – Chandan Nagar Basilica

Chandan Nagar church is situated in the Hooghly district , West Bengal of India. It was previously a French colony. It is basically a suburban town situated on the bank of river Hooghly and opposite to North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. The town is calm and quiet , very clean. One of the most important tourist attraction of Chandan nagore ( Chandan Nagar ) is ” Chandan Nagar Church ” which is basically ” SACRED HEART CHURCH”. This new year , on first of Jan 2015, our family celebrated in Chandan Nagar. Whole day we enjoyed in Wonderland Park and then we went to see the old famous Chandan Nagar Church. It was built in the 17th century circa 1669 by French near the bank of river Hooghly.In the evening , the church looked amazing, It was first time that our family went to see a church. Please have a look on the photo graphs :

1. 2. 3.1_163950 IMG_20150101_1643220001 IMG_20150101_164136 IMG_20150101_170919 IMG_20150101_163958 IMG_20150101_1656240001IMG_20150101_165255


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