Girls taking Tea on Calcutta Streets

The number of working women and girls have increased considerably in India in last few years in India. Before 5 years, only a very few ladies, occasionally were found to take sip of tea on Calcutta Streets. But now , frequently one can see more women and girls taking tea on ordinary tea stalls on Kolkata streets. With the increase in size of working class people, modern companies have installed tea or coffee machines, but their tastes are not up to the mark. Not everybody loves to drink coffee or tea from those machines , at least on some fine day , one has to come down to street and get orthodox tea which satisfy the need of people. Women are not exceptions, they also need such tea , afterall they share the burden of work with men who are always visible at tea stalls. This is also a visible social change . Profit is enjoyed by Tea stalls. It is also seen that girls do not come alone , they always come in group, so more revenue is enjoyed by tea stall owners !! good opportunity for Kolkata Tea Stalls

Girls at Arun Tea Stall, Wood Street Kolkata
Girls at Arun Tea Stall, Wood Street Kolkata



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