Women in an Autorickshaw

Earlier, say before five years, a woman always resisted to sit in the front seat of an Auto Rickshaw running in Kolkata i.e. they always avoided to sit with the Auto Rickshaw driver. However, now a days , I see women do not feel hasitation to sit with the driver in the front row. Even yesterday , while coming back to home from an auto , a young lady came to the back seat and sat with we two men, but after two minutes , she went to the front seat. They feel better to seat alone or share fifty percent of the front row seat with the driver rather than humiliated seating in the limited area of the back row. Tis is one of the latest changes in the city of Kolkata 🙂 nobody except Auto drivers are enjoying !! When we get down at Ahiritola Ghat, fellow Auto Rickshaw drivers also created joke of our Auto driver that young girl blesses him.


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