Recent Sexual Harassment case – SUN Networks COO

India inc. again shocked by a recent sexual harassment charge against Chief Operating Officer C Praveen Kumar. Ex programming head of Surya TV ( a malyalam Channel ) alleged that she was harassed by Praveen for more than two years. She resigned five months ago from Surya TV. I read this report in The Times of India , 27th December 2014 edition. As per the report, her dues relating to Pension funds accumulated up to INR 38 lacs and Praveen has blocked the way to receive the money. Some issues :

1. The report does not tell the name of the woman employee. Although the case is now under public domain. This is an immatured journalism

2. Why she did not protest for continuous harassment which she claims that it continued for over two years

3. Was the allegation against Praveen only the last resort to get her pension fund back.

4. Was she gathering courage for five months to file a case against Praveen.

5. Did she keep her honour for two years..

It is very hard to prove such allegations. Lack of concrete evidence may spoil the life of Praveen.

If Praveen is a guilty , he must get punishment or face the hardship of Trail. He will get lesson to treat a woman employee. Other employers will also get a message that all women employees are not easy to handle and they are not meant to fulfill their sexual desires. Let’s c what happens next!!


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