Porbander’s Sri Hari Mandir

Porbander is basically famous for the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi. It is a city near to Jamnagar and placed between two big pilgrimage points ” Dwarika” and ” Somnath”. Anybody who wants to visit Dwarika and Somnath , must cross Porbander. But , Porbander in itself assumes an important place in Gujarat. A pieceful city. Nobody calls Mahatma Gandhi by his name … everybody calls ” BAPUJI”. That is the love of people towards great Gandhiji. 

Porbander is an important port of Western India. Now it has one more attraction – The temple Shree Hari Mandir founded by a Saint Shri Ramesh Bhai Ojha. Ramesh Bhai is a very popular saint and renowned for his indepth knowledge of Indian mythology. But I like his Bhajans and Kirtans. Any body who visits Porbander should visit this nice place. The temple is a good example of Vaastu. The temple is well above the ground , a big rectangular hall containing small temples of Lord Krishna, Durga, Shiva and others. The environment of the temple is so divine, that every entrant will feel mental peace. I went in the evening , everybody joins for the Aarti sitting at their own place, nobody disturbs in any way , everything is well disciplined. After Aarti , everybody will get prasad from the hands of Rishi Kumars. Rishi kumars are the students of vedic school run by the trust committe of Shri Ramesh bhai . Students are secluded from the society , they dont mix up with the people , they are taught Brahmacharya , vedic chants, Indian mythology, Shastras, Purans and other Indian rituals. in the compound of temple, rishi kumars do farming. There is a shed for cows in which cows are served by the trust employees and Rishi kumar. It is said that in the evening, recorded music of flute is played and it is the same tune which was played by Lord Krishna for his cows. Listening the same music, it is said that cows give more milk, I heard that researchers come at this place for their research on Indian values and vedas. Overall , the entire campus is divine. You will only appreciate.

There is an apartment for Ramesh Bhai Ojha near the main temple building. Whenever he is free, he comes and joins Aarti and sits outside the temple and meets people. In the hall of the temple, CDs , DVDs , lectures by Ramesh Bhai Ojha are available for purchase. Also many books, things for worship and other showpieces and things to wear are available.

There is a huge place for children to play, hence no child would refuse to come at Sri Hari Mandir again and again. Please go with family , your time and money will not be wasted.Image


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