Foreign Direct Investment in India in Retail

FDI in retail in India will affect the small retailers’ interest. These retailers and their wholesalers mostly acted dishonestly with the people of India. Now they may face real hard time if FDI is permitted in retail to the extent of fifty one percent. Now, their competition will be directly with carrefour, Metro,Wal Mart…… It has also serious impact on India also , the food and essential commodities shall be controlled by foreign capitalists. Processed food , junk food and chemicalised juice shall be made available to the people. Case studies are already prepared for these foreign investors in the form of Reliance Fresh, spencer, Pentaloons etc its good time to explore opportunities in the retail sector. Kishore Biyani was very happy when last year it was announced by the government but happiness was for a few days only as it was rolled back. The business could not be carried on so future group had to succumb before huge Birla group. Now, it can be sold by Birla Group to them , better decision would be if they purchase Reliance fresh , Pentaloons , More rather than establishing outlets on their own. In future ,some grade B city or unexplored areas would be targetted for village long outlets.

Certainly, employment will rise. People will get job , construction companies shall get business, MBAs degrees shall be sold for supply chain management , price rise are possible effects. Lets C


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