LEONARDO OLIVE OIL & JALEBI — will the combination work ?

OliveoilOn Sunday 26 August 2012, I saw an advertisement in The Hindu — “Leonardo Olive Oil”.

Olive Oil is basically costly oil and beyond the reach of middle class and lower class people. Still people of India uses it for the massage of their infants or for very limited purposes , but they do not consume for food preparation. Olive oil is advertised as a healthy oil, now a days people who has an indication of heart disease , starts to use it.

Brand Leonardo Olive Oil , in India , is in the hands of Dalmia group of New Delhi. Their advertising consultant has applied the trick to link it with our traditional food items and they picked Jalebi. Jalebi is normally made in Ghee or in Vanaspati ( like Dalda , Prasad , Kusum etc.). So the advertisement may be an consumer awareness drive that all the rich people , lovers of Jalebi who do not eat due to health reasons , may start to eat Jalebi made in Olive Oil. Also ,the advertisement is ensuring that Jalebis will be tasteful..

Now the truth will be revealed only if we eat and taste ….


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