Useless thinkinings – 1

  • Just a few days back , Mr. Rajiv Shukla , Parliamentary affairs minister was caught in the camera directing the vice chair person of Rajyasabha to adjourn the house for a day. It was a clear direction not advice – defying the wisdom of all journalists , politicians and educated people … he said that he did nothing  wrong it was an advice not direction. Are we all f ools ? He was a professional journalist now a politician and minister. He is the successor of Lalit Modi in IPL , also connected with BCCI. Certainly he must be good in Cricket … or… ? Writing against V P Singh in a magazine brought closeness to Gandhi family. V P Singh in those days was against Rajiv Gandhi , he took a risk to write about a few pages of the history of V P Singh.  Also, he shown his integrity towards congress by putting a question over question of his own bro in law Ravishankar Prasad … that what did BJP to curb corruption. Risk has gained ….. Those who wants to be successful ………….should they follow Mr. Shukla’s way?
  • Ajit Singh is now a days happy man. He has got the maximum praise during his times as an aviation minister. Before that , Ajit Singh at national level was known as the son of Choudhary Charan Singh and secondly to change political parties. Media is kind on him for his decisions on Air India.

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