Sherlyn Chopra — A new follower of Sunny Leone

Everybody wants to be famous. Sherlyn Chopra always wanted to be a famous …. she was not finding a shortcut but suddenly with the grace of god, she got the company of Sunny Leone. She never dared to be bare , but Sunny Leone’s popularity make her blind. She came into limelight overnight by showing her private parts through a magazine.Now it may pave the way for some new entrants …. Poonam Pandey must closely be looking at the popularity index of Sunny and Sherlyn. But Sunny , not only shows her private parts but she is a big porn star , hence she will always be in the news . What will Sherlyn do after seeing the decline of her popluarity index …. ? She has affected Indian girls’ wishes a lot by creating a new benchmark of popularities…thanks to Bipasha who refused to meet Sunny ….they are the heroines of Jism part 1 and 2. Why did Bipasha refuse to meet Sunny ? Sunny is a porn star or she took over the seat of Bipasha in part 2 of Jism…think


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