Nithalla Chintan – I

  • Govt has cracked down on Social Media not to let spread the fear among North indians — For last one year govt. was trying to issue guidelines to restrict the freedom of social networking sites but could not be successful. Now it has found a good way to put a ban on these sites.
  • Aiswariya Rai looks stunning in Ambani’s party: Most of the photos are with Mr. Khosla. Media is writing the word stunning , the cheeks of Mrs Bacchan is now heavier , the age is now showing its effect. Aiswariya should thank the photographers …
  • BJP’s CM had to leave his chair only for Coal … Now BJP has got chance to blame PM… I am interested to see the end result…
  • Saif and Katrina has just arrived from London after taking break — who accompanied them ???? Is there any need for marraige …?
  • Salman in Roaring Forties — Ek tha Tiger is a hit but it is hitting Shahrukh more. Salman is doing roles as a policemen , bodyguard… Shahrukh has chosen the role of an Army officer. He is eagerly waiting for one hit… just one hit..

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